An excellent vintage. This wine always pleases our customers. It's an aroma and flavor that is strong in fruit and vegetation characters. Excellent with mild flavors to enhance both your food selection and this wine. $21.99

We are running low on our 2013's

but will be releasing our 2014's and 2015's real soon.  

So don't hold back and miss out on some really great wines while they last.

Portteus Vineyard Merlot year after year is my favorite. It has all the characters I look for in it's aroma and flavors. Excellent with Spicy flavors, cheeses, Cigars and chocolates. $29.99

This Blend is incredible. It is named with some fun after the Sauer Family who created Red Willow Vineyard. This is the most sought after Vineyard in all of Washington. This will go well with big flavors like your favorite steak, Tomato pasta dish and dark chocolate dessert. $39.99

We threw this together with our leftovers, hence the name. Rich dark color with wonderful blackberry, spiced aromas with a big, bold yet smooth & silky texture in the mouth. Excellent wine with New York Peppercorn steak, Cigars and Chocolates. ​$21.99

Purchase 6 bottles you get a 10% discount & 15% when You Purchase by the Case.

When creating this blend I was doing my best to create a Bordeaux style wine. When a friend tasted it He told me that it's complexity was one that made you feel the need to stay in the middle of river because it was hard to distinguish which side of the river you were on. $39.99

This blend is a blending of Syrah's from 4 different style barrels. It is big, spicy with wonderful fruit flavors of blackberry with hints of chocolate and coffee. $24.99

This is a wonderful blend created in memory of my best friend. She was a great helper and companion always around the winery. This is a blend that's great whenever you want a glass of wine to relax with after a long day. $21.99

Big dark fruit aromas with flavors of blackberry and soft spices. My favorite description for Merlot when made right is Soft, Smooth & Silky. I feel that this reaches that.


Wonderful rich Raspberry and Spice aroma. Full body and spice flavors with just enough tannins to give it a dry finish. $21.99

This is my first white wine. Wonderful full bodied burgundy grape. nice floral and citrus aromas with flavorful crisp apple flavors with a nice citrus finish. $19.99

As much as our 2012 Cabernet is so wonderful I do believe that this vintage is going to give it a run for it's money. 2012 & 2013 vintages here in Washington were exceptional. $29.99