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These are wonderful new Releases .  

So don't hold back and miss out on some really great wines.

These are our new 2016  & 2017 wines with more coming soon.

This is our white wine. Wonderful full bodied burgundy grape. nice floral and citrus aromas with flavorful Peach & Apricot flavors with a nice citrus finish. $19.99

I love Viognier. I have had a few of our friends ask for a wine with a bit of sweetness. So I left just a touch of residual sugar. Wonderful. This reminds me a bit of a Chenin Blanc yet full richness of a Viognier. $18.99

Josh loves to create these types of wines. All the left overs from the barrels. hence "Swill". Rich dark color with wonderful, spiced fruit aroma & a big, bold yet smooth & silky light Tannic finish. Excellent. $49.99

We had allot of fun with this one. A very light style Cabernet Franc Rose'. Hence the name Bianca. Wonderful floral nose with a great true Cabernet Franc flavor. $19.99

This is our first Chardonnay. Wonderful aromatics of citrus & peach with a floral touch. It has a wonderful fruit forward flavor with a light touch of oak on the finish. $23.99

Beautiful big aromatics of dark cherries & coffee with a hint of chocolate. True Petit Verdot big spicy flavors with just the right amount of Tannins. $19.99

This Premier French style Malbec is a beautiful medium bodied full dark color with a true Malbec aroma. Great flavors with a nice citric finish.


​​As always an excellent wine. We aged it on new oak for the first time. Wonderful. This always pleases. Excellent aromatics of dark berries with a hint of chocolate & coffee. Smooth fruit forward finish. $34.99