​2016 Petite Verdot

Beautiful big rich aromatics of dark cherries & coffee with a hint of chocolate. Awesome big rich spices with rich, dark fruit forward flavors with just the right amount of Tannins.


​2016 Josh's Swill

Josh our Winemaker loves to create these types of wines. Hence "Swill" Arrgh. This wine is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec and even some Syrah. Wonderful rich dark color with a wonderful, spiced fruit aroma & a big, bold smooth, silky light Tannic finish. Excellent. 


These are wonderful new Releases .  

So don't hold back and miss out on some really great wines.

These are our new 2016  & 2017 wines with more coming soon.

2017 Viognier

I love this wine. We call it the Red wine drinkers White wine. Wonderfully full bodied burgundy grape with nice earthy and floral's aromatics that finish's with fruit flavors of Peaches & Apricots with a nice citrus finish. 


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​2017 Chardonnay

This is our first Chardonnay. Wonderful light aromatics of citrus & peach with a floral touch. It has a wonderful fruit forward flavor with a light touch of oak on the finish.


2016 CR 10

​​​As always this is an exquisite wine. Made in the style of the Cote Rotie region France. We aged it on new oak for the first time. Beautiful. This wine always pleases. Excellent aromatics of dark berries with a hint of chocolate & coffee. Smooth fruit forward finish.


​2017 Viognier Doux

I believe I mentioned that I love Viognier. I have had a few of our friends ask for a wine with a bit of sweetness. So I left just a touch of residual sugar. Wonderful. This reminds me a bit of a drier style Chenin Blanc yet full richness of a Viognier.


​2017 Pre Flight Rose'

We love making a Rose' with Cabernet Franc. With that said we had allot of fun with this one. A very light style Cabernet Franc Rose'. Hence the name Bianca. Wonderful floral nose with a great true Cabernet Franc flavor.


​2016 Malbec

This Premier French style Malbec is a beautiful medium bodied full dark color with Old French Malbec aromatics. Excellent full flavors with a smooth full bodied finish.